in person photoshoot and online editing opportunities

Shannon works one on one with each individual photographer. You can shadow and shoot with Shannon and her team with the Day in the Life Shoot and Edit Mentor Session or choose to work with Shannon on editing and editing style. During editing sessions, the participant will choose his or her own portrait (shot while at the photoshoot) to edit or one of Shannon's own photos. And if time allows, you will work on multiple portraits throughout the session.

The process is simple. The session begins with Camera Raw and or Lightroom. In Camera Raw, Shannon teaches all the basic adjustments necessary to create a proper foundation for the Photoshop edits to be amazing. Once in Photoshop, she covers all the retouching steps including cleanup, skin, color grading, fixing common issues in portraits and final touches to make the photo pop and become something special for your clients.

Both notes and PS Actions are provided to help clarify and speed up the retouching process and workflow in the future. For online sessions, Shannon shares her screen and communicates through Zoom. Sessions are booked at an agreeable time for both parties and usually weeks in advance.

**All Editing Sessions will be done online**

a day in the life - shoot & edit


This is the most popular of the sessions and can be done with a friend and will save each of you $200 off the mentoring fee. We start with concept, mood boards and how I talk to my clients about how the session will go and what we envision as the final product. Day of the shoot we will meet and talk about camera settings, lighting and overall set up. You will meet my team and see how we work together, collaborate and come together with all parties participating in concept to supporting our goals. Questions are encouraged as this is for you to ask and learn. Price includes hair and makeup for the models/client (studio rental is not included).

Once shooting, I will share and talk through my process, posing and instruction to our models/clients. Then it will be your turn, Shannon and team will support you as you shoot and direct the model. This is all about learning and supporting you.

After the shoot we will set up time to edit thru a Zoom session with two photos from the session and Shannon will walk thru her process of editing and share with you pointers on what makes an image go from good to amazing. Session is recorded for reference later. Additionally you will receive reference guides that you can use as "cheat sheets" that you can utilize when you editing on your own.


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Fine Art Imagery

2.5 hour session - workflow & editing

The Editing Session is ideal for people who would like to become extremely proficient with Shannon's editing process. Shannon's award winning editing style has allowed her to achieve Master and Fellow Photographer distinctions at several different professional photo organizations. This session allows for a more specific workshop. Because there is more time, Shannon repeats the process multiple times on different photos. There is time given to answer the participant’s questions and all things editing. Shannon works within several types of photography genres with Editorial, Portrait/Fine Art and Beauty.


high end commercial beauty photography

hello again - refresher


At a discounted rate, this session is targeted to those who have previously done a mentor session and want a refresher course. In this session, you and Shannon will review your portfolio and Shannon will give you some helpful critiques and areas that might be opportunities for improvement or change. We will go through the retouching workflow numerous times. The participant may give Shannon any image to be used as an example.

This session is meant for individuals who are familiar with Shannon's workflow but need a refresher on specific elements and techniques. This is a chance to get personal feedback on your work and gain knowledge in areas to improve and grow as a photographer.


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Mentoring Testimonials

Jenny Roso

“I never thought to invest in continued education as a photographer until I came across Shannon. Her work is beautiful, and the fact that she is willing to share her talent with others was an amazing opportunity. She is so laidback, and it makes the entire experience so much less stressful. I cannot say enough great things about mentoring with Shannon. Not only is she an incredibly kind human, but she is a phenomenal master photographer who’s really helped me find myself as a photographer.”

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